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WHAT THIS GUY SAID. SERIOUSLY. This is exactly how I feel about the whole "omg Dumbledore is gay and Aberforth gave goats longer horns!" debate. A part of me loves that she said he's gay, because now the anti-slash people can sit and fucking spin. But that is the bitter fandomer, not the fan. Not the reader, not the person who fell in love with Harry & company. The fan? Agrees with the article. :\

It's not even about fanfic. The epilogue basically necessitated AU (or the milder-but-meaning-the-same-thing EWE), and hey, canon rape will happen even if JKR publishes an hour-by-hour account of Harry's life after the first breath he drew upon defeating Voldemort, until his death at 350. I hate that she's running around telling people how it is because she has had seven books to tell us how it is and has always maintained that those books were going to tell her whole story.

All my life, after putting down a book -- or the last book in a series -- I have always tried to imagine what it was like for the characters after the end. This is a part of the way I have always experienced fiction, particularly fantasy fiction, and JKR's remarks -- which are NOT avoidable for someone with a predominantly HP friendslist, thanks! -- are ruining it for me. :\

On that note, I apologise for going all "OMG YAY GAY DUMBLEDORE" last week. That was f the fandomer, not f the reader. The reader wishes she could still see a possibility of a passionate Albus/Minerva romance, a possibility of Dumbledore having had an incestuous affair with his younger sister, a possibility of Dumbledore being asexual. I am happy that JKR has at least acknowledged that gay people exist, but really, she didn't do it in a book, which I think would have made a big difference.

But, anyway, to me, the author is God. S/he knows best. That's just the way I see an author in regards to his/her work of fiction. And the more JKR opens her mouth about the future of HP and the intimate background of everyone and their house-elf, the less interested I become in the HP universe -- because she's shutting off my creative speculation.

I'm sure she doesn't mean to do it, and I'm sure an article in a Dallas newspaper isn't going to catch her notice and make her reconsider what she's doing -- especially not after her remarks in Toronto yesterday morning ("it's MY story and I do what I WANT with it, nyah nyah nyah!"). but it's good to get this out of my system, regardless. This is just how I feel about the recent rash of interview tidbits; I don't pretend there is anything logical or reasonable about it.

ps. was anyone else embarrassed on JKR's behalf when she declared to reporters that she's married Harry Potter? Practically in the same breath as telling said reporters that Harry and Ginny were soulmates?


Every one of you who have called Ginny a JKR self-insert? Remember how I usually and often disagreed with you? I was wrong.

And for my next act, a meme! Stolen from bzzinglikeneon and mellafe.

Number of journal entries: 1625
Number of people on your friends list: 260 (the userinfo page says 270 but 10 of those are separate journals for the same people)
Person who introduced you to LJ: goneril
Still friends with this person: Yes. :D
How many people have you introduced to LJ: Um. Four?
List everyone on your friends list who you have met in person:

__hibiscus, acromantular, agent_maxine, akahannah, alaana_fair, allysonsedai, amanuensis1, anasuede, anathema91, tonights, askani, kerryblaze, cornmouse, balefully, best_of_five, bethbethbeth, bloodybrilliant, bouncy, buttfacemakani, bzzinglikeneon, cedarlibrarian, cjmarlowe, cmere, coffeejunkii, corvidae9, devilish__angel, djin7, dramaphile, dramedy, drusillas_rain, elanna9, emmagrant01, evilsource, fiendling, fiona_fawkes, flobble_wangler, yamapea, geoviki, glockgal, goldie, goneril, greyandgrey, happiestwhen, hazelhawthorne, henpecked, shouldknobetter, incroyable, irrevokable, geewhiz, jamoche, incapricious, kaalee, kai_ckul, karaz, ryogrande, kittehkat, kriken, lauriegilbert, lazy_daze, limmenel, liret, longleggedgit, lunacy (??? WHERE DID YOU GO? T_T), lunaryuna, lurkitty, magistera, marcasita, marksykins, mazily, midnitemaraud_r, mijan, much_reality, mydocuments, nimori, nqdonne, orionnoire, oulangi, pen_and_umbra, pinkelephant42, pir8fancier, pixies, reddwarfer, scarah2, serasarahhhh, sesheta_66, shabzilla, shaggirl, shikishi, slytherincesss (seeing you at TWH counts! XD), snapetoy, sophia101, starrysummer, swtjemz, taradiane, themostepotente, thermidor, thywillbedone, titti, valis2, verdenia, waxbean, willow_kat, wook77, xingou, xylodemon, zedmeister, ziasudra_fic

TOTAL # OF LJ-ERS MET: 107, and I hope I didn't forget anyone. :<

5 people on LiveJournal that you have known the longest: goneril, kai_ckul, lunaryuna, sophia101, torak303
Anyone on LJ you can't stand: NAHHHHH. I love everyone. BUNNIES ALL AROUND, AND SHIT. XP
Name one person on your friends list you would most like to meet: imadra_blue and pikacharma. No, I am not choosing between them. :|
Ever ban someone from commenting in your journal: Yeah, a couple of trolls.
Number of comments: Posted: 37430 / Received: 57781
Biggest pet peeve about LJ: Um. Where do I begin? XD
Do you feel close to most of the people on your friends list: No, not most.
How many journals on LiveJournal do you have: A few.

Communities I currently own/maintain: Own a few; maintain none. XP

And let's not forget bonus lolcat.
Tags: criticism, fandom, fandom:hp, lj, meme, meta:fandom, rant
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