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(link from emmagrant01 (OP here)

JKR sues the creator of the Harry Potter Lexicon over a print version of the Lexicon site.

o.O Yeah, because clearly HP fans are going to buy Steve Vander Ark's book and pass on JKR's as-yet-unreleased encyclopedia. What. The fuck.

On one hand, I understand the need to enforce her copyright and not wanting others to profit from her work. Because essentially, the Lexicon book would profit directly from JKR's creation, and that in itself is not cool -- but it's no worse than all those other books by fans that analyse the text. I'm pretty sure Emerson Spartz didn't use his book proceeds to feed the homeless.

But claiming that it would "interfere" with her own plans is just completely over the top. And hey, holy lawsuit. Would a phone call not have done? Fail, JKR. Serious fail.

ETA: I stand corrected on that last part; chinae linked this article, which mentions multiple C&D letters. Ignoring C&D letters? From JKR's lawyers? NO SYMPATHY WHATSOEVER.

But I still think JKR is being very silly when she even implies that the Lexicon could anywhere on this planet compete with an official encyclopedia written by the actual, you know, author.
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