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So, let me get this straight.

If it's perfectly legal to claim you own the copyright to rearranged words from another person's work, does that make it perfectly legal to claim copyright on fan fiction?

Because dude, if Steve Vander Ark owns the timeline that Warner Bros allegedly "stole" from him, that would mean hundreds of H/D ficcers own the copyright to Harry and Draco's big gay love. After all, it was fanficcers who created Harry and Draco's big gay love; not JKR. JKR just created Harry and Draco, but WE MADE THEM GAY, DAMN IT. WE DESERVE TO BE RECOGNISED FOR ALL OF OUR HARD WORK!!!!11 WE CAN HAS COMPENSATION????? I DEMAND CABANA BOYS!!! *TODDLER FISTS*

...ahem. XD

Or is it different when it's "academic"? Is it less of a theft, if you rearrange someone else's story into a timeline and slap a copyright on it, if you're doing it as a Leading Academic In The Field of Harry Potter? Is it less infringing that way, when No Gay Wizards are Harmed in the Production of This Book?

Okay, I'll stop with the rhetorical questions. This is, after all, the real world. Fanficcers do not own the copyright to Harry and Draco's big gay love (I can just imagine the squabble over who Really Deserves It, if we did ;p), and Steve Vander Ark does not own a single scrap of the factual HP information contained in the Lexicon.

I just thought that needed to be said, aside from everything else. XD

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Tags: fandom:hp, meta:fandom, plagiarism, rant
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