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Queer as fic?

merry_smutmas fic is almost in the can. *\o/* I gotta give it another sweep and then off it goes.

Also, I don't know who sent me the anonymous bear hug, but thank you! ♥

However, that's not what this post is about. XD

An lj-friend e-mailed me last week asking about slash fiction that deals with queerness -- what same-sex attraction means to the main characters, what the societal norms in the wizarding world are regarding same-sex relationships, how characters cope with coming out/being queer, Pride, PFLAG and other organisations, homophobia, etc.

And you know, I didn't have very many suggestions for her, but I read primarily Harry/Draco and almost exclusively on LJ, so my perspective on what's out there is admittedly skewed.

So, dear people -- do you have fics to recommend that deal specifically with queerness? It doesn't have to be a central theme (i.e. the whole story doesn't need to revolve around coming out, for example), just a major one, one that actually affects the characters along the way. Any pairing, any genre, slash and femmeslash both OK. And feel free to link to your own stuff, of course!

Links would be great, but if you know just title/authors, that's fine too. If there are enough, I'll make a themed list -- actually, if you know of any themed lists like this, I'd like links to those too. I found this one, but it was for coming out stories only and not very recent.
Tags: fandom, fandom:hp, meta:fan fiction, meta:slash
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