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Fic: Snape's Last Memory / The Watcher [Snape, Nagini; PG-13]

Title: Snape's Last Memory / The Watcher
Author: furiosity
Genre: Drama
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Snape, Nagini
Warning: Character death
Disclaimer: JKR owns. I only play. You do not sue.
Length: 615 words
Summary: Snape's and Nagini's PsOV of the Shrieking Shack scene in DH.
Beta: None.
Note: Written for the Sith Snakes vs Salazar's Frilly Knickers Quidditch match at hogwarts_elite. Winning entry.
Concrit: Always welcome and appreciated.

Snape's Last Memory

Snape watched death approach with a detached curiosity, a part of his mind refusing to believe what was happening. He had been so lucky so many times before. Something would surely stand between him and the end; surely it was not yet time for him to go.

The Dark Lord hissed, and the snake lashed out, its fangs piercing Snape's neck with horrifying precision. He might have screamed: the pain was so great that his knees buckled. He did not feel the floor; the bites on his neck drew all his attention as Nagini's venom seeped into his blood.

"I regret it," said the Dark Lord. A lie.

The sparkling cage holding him upright retreated, and Snape toppled sideways, hands flying to his neck in a futile attempt to staunch the wounds. The fading sound of footfalls told him that the Dark Lord had gone, leaving him to a traitor's death. Ironic, that: the Dark Lord did not even know Snape for a traitor. Wand. Where was his wand? The bezoar in his pocket would be useless if he could not stop the blood...

The boy appeared out of thin air, and at first Snape thought he was hallucinating. What an unfortunate thing to hallucinate. But the boy was real, stowing away his Invisibility Cloak, eyes wide. He could get Snape his wand. Snape tried to ask for his wand, but a hoarse gurgle was all that came. Too late.

As the boy bent low over him, Snape used his last strength to seize him, to tell him... No time. The pain was fading, drowning in Snape's lifeblood. The boy had to know what waited. Snape had dedicated his life to protecting the child, to honouring Lily's sacrifice.

He bent all his will, all of the magic that made him, on forcing the memories out before they were lost with him. "Take... it... Take... it..." Someone handed the boy a flask, but Snape barely saw. Everything was a fog of memory, and through it Snape saw a girl, hair like a flame in the night.

"Look... at... me..."

Lily's eyes shone at him from the blackening world. It was a good way to die.

The Watcher

Nagini hated the cage.

Her master had never caged her before. He said it was for her protection -- somebody had found out how special she was -- but Nagini did not like it. She had not hatched yesterday; she could protect herself. The cage hurt her eyes and kept her from hunting, so when it opened, Nagini prepared to escape.

Her master said, "Kill."

Nagini hated that word.

It meant she would not be allowed to feed. But her master commanded, and so she obeyed. As her fangs sank into the human's flesh, the sweet warm drip of his blood coating her tongue, Nagini almost considered disobeying the order, considered making this human her dinner. Almost. It would take more than a cage for her to disobey her master. She withdrew her fangs and coiled back into the cage, flicking her tongue irritably.

Nagini hated killing without purpose.

The human collapsed to the floor, and Nagini watched the blood seep through his white fingers, so like her master's. Such a waste of food. Her master said something in the human tongue, and the cage began to move again.

As she floated away from the shack, Nagini could still sense the other one, the watcher from the tunnel. They were connected in some way she could not understand, through the essence of her master that flowed in her blood. Nagini twitched her tail.

She would have killed the watcher, too, but her master had not commanded it.

Nagini hated the cage.


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