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The Fannish State of Things

So I have been mostly un-fannish lately, but that was because I was scrambling to finish my holiday fest fics and participating in the insanity known as Quidditch at hogwarts_elite. These things are wrapped up now and I can finally get back to ficcage and those silly DH commentaries. >.>

merry_smutmas is almost upon us! According to the mod, at midnight, the first bit o' holiday smut will go up. *\o/* The comm moved to IJ for this year -- you can either watch it there or syndicate it here.

hd_holidays starts posting tomorrow as well, and they're staying on LJ. Harry/Draco every day of the month!

Please support the writers and artists by leaving feedback for things you enjoy. :D

Also, because this meme is going around again, but I am lazy and I've already done this, 10 Ways to Tell You're Reading a Fic by furiosity.

New H/D WiP starts in this journal sometime next week. I'm not yet sure how long it's going to be, but this is the first time in a while that I've been this ridiculously excited over a fanfic story concept. Among other things, the story will feature politics, Muggles, questionable amounts of dub-con, some D/s, Ginny, lots of Slytherins, and complete disregard of the DH epilogue (I am classifying the story as AU). The actual H/D won't happen for a while, though; the story is firmly on the genslash side of things. Consider this my commitment to weekly updates. :D

Tags: fandom:hp, ficathons, meme
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