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watched death approach with a detached curiosity

First lines meme! Post the first line from your first story of every month of the departing year.

Most of the first half of the year had been eaten by Before Peace and some months it was the only fic I posted, but when there were others, I used the non-BP fics for that month. Because the first line of a chapter is just not the same as the first line of a whole story. :">

January: Before Peace [09]: Draco kept his eyes closed and his breathing rhythmically steady.

February: Redux: Harry Potter walked into a bar.

March: From the Brink of Twilight: Draco Malfoy disliked Muggles.

April: Before Peace [21]: When his mother didn't respond, Draco felt anger rising -- a tinny, indignant voice somewhere deep, shouting she had no right.

May: Before Peace [26]: "And this is why some wizards are unable to cast healing charms of any sort."

June: Just Another Lifetime: Years later, Draco's mother will say that it was as though he knew what the future held for him when he was born.

July: Phantasmagoria: It was a dodgy Knockturn Alley storage building that started it, though it didn't look capable of starting anything except a rat infestation.

August: Prophetic: Have you seen Remus? [Not mine; JKR's.]

September: Loved You Best: There are faces on the ceiling of Luna's bedroom, with a golden thread looping around them.

October: Prophecy's Limit: "BANE! Happy now, are yeh, that yeh didn't fight, yeh cowardly bunch o' nags? Are yeh happy Harry Potter's -- d-dead...?" [Not mine; JKR's. Canon remixes will do that.]

November: Snape's Last Memory: Snape watched death approach with a detached curiosity, a part of his mind refusing to believe what was happening.

December: Interregnum: Missile silo N-8, nine miles west of New Raymer, Colorado. July 12, 2003, 13:03

...well. At least they're short? :|

Tags: meme, meta:fan fiction, writing
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