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PotterCast 131: Rowling along! AKA part 2 of The One With J.K. Rowling. one else? :P You guys must all be really busy with Christmas or, alternatively, sick to death of JKR's interviews. *employs a cut*

Draco Malfoy married Astoria Greengrass, younger sister of Daphne; she is 2 years younger than Draco. I mean, we know this already from last week, but she actually said it. Wild. :D :D

Rowling loathes Pansy Parkinson, because Pansy is every girl who ever teased Jo at school. (YOU WERE RIGHT, therealw!)

The two missing Gryffindor girls' names -- Jo promised to put them up on her Web site. YAY! :D

Rowling: No one knows what it's like to be done with a series after 17 years. Except maybe Stephen King.

Department of Mysteries: The Love Room is the place where they study what love means; the room would have at its centre a well containing a very powerful love potion (Amortentia). Wizards and witches would be taking it and studying what it did. Uh... what? That makes NO SENSE, because it's canon that you can't produce real love even with Amortentia, so what the fuck are they actually studying? Dear author of series about little gay wizards: please step away from the scientific method. You can't apply it to magic. No. Just stop. >_<

Then we segue into: love raises people to heights of heroism, and also leads them to foolishness, like Bellatrix and Dumbledore (who lost his "centre" after becoming infatuated with Grindelwald). Bellatrix was madly romantically in love with Voldemort; it's the obsession of her life. It's a sexual attraction; she's madly in love with this man and obsessed by him.

Alan Rickman knew early on that Snape had been in love with Lily; Rowling told him so that he could better understand his character's motivation. Snape was meant to be in Slytherin. When Dumbledore says "sometimes I think we sort too soon": he means that to judge them at the age of 11 is a harsh thing to do and it doesn't take into account the fact that we do change and evolve.

Though, this: Rowling: a lot of people are at 40 what they were at 11 (direct quote. I listened to that bit twice.)... I... WHAT? Some people, perhaps, but a lot of them? Um, well, speaking strictly from personal experience? No. But this opinion explains A LOT about Rowling's characterisation choices. At this point, when Rowling starts talking about human nature and character motivation, I personally just am going to go LOL LOL LOL LOL NO. Because... what? Seriously? How can she seriously believe that a lot of people are at 40 what they were at 11? o.O


Slytherins are not all bad; far from it. Slightly more highly developed sense of self-preservation. Slughorn galloped back with the Slytherins -- they went to get reinforcements and then came back. Rowling: that just seems like common sense, doesn't it? (YES. YES, IT REALLY DOES. SO WHY DO YOU SOUND SO SCEPTICAL, JO? :P)

Jo has been very involved in the Florida theme park (woo-woo, Infinitus 2010!) It'll be like walking into Hogsmeade! *\o/*

Florean Fortescue was killed (there was more to that, and the subplot will be revealed in the Encyclopedia -- it had to do with the Elder Wand).

Thestrals -- Hagrid only bred the Hogwarts Thestrals; he did not create them. The only thing he ever created were the Blast-Ended Skrewts.

Wandlore. Another update is coming to Jo's Web site regarding this. Wands are quasi-sentient; they are not exactly animate but as close to it as you can get in an object, because they carry so much magic. Reactions will vary from wand to wand. Elder Wand is the most dispassionate and ruthless of wands; it will only take into consideration strength.

One would expect a certain amount of loyalty from one's wand; even if you've lost a fight whilst carrying it/were disarmed, it has developed an affinity with you that it will not give up easily. However, if a wand is properly won in an adult duel then it may switch allegiance and it will certainly work better for the person who won it even if it hasn't fully switched allegiance. That's why Draco's wand works for Harry -- his wand favoured Harry, the person who had the skill to take it. The Elder Wand will only go where the power is -- if you win, you've won the wand, no ifs about it. Killing with it is unnecessary but it attracts powerful wizards, some of whom (like Voldemort) confuse the willingness to kill with strength.

When there's no real weight attached to the transference of a wand, there is no enormous significance attached in either wizard's mind to a wand flying out of someone's hands. When a lot hangs on a duel, the disarming is about *real* power. So this is why the DA lessons from OotP didn't result in 23892 switched wand allegiances. I've been wondering about that.

Albus Potter and the Book They Said Would Never Happen. Hee.

The documentary on Rowling says a lot about the next generation -- apparently, she has a lot of it worked out.

AHAHAHA OMFG JKR making fun of fan fiction. *\o/* :D :D :D "My name is Lily Potter..."

They said that JKR would be back on Pottercast in the future and you know what, I look forward to it.

I like the extra info even though some of the things she says make me facepalm -- but really, it isn't necessary to take as she says as the "final word" on everything. For a long time after DH, I felt that way, and so avoided interviews because every tidbit that contradicted my own processing of the canon made me D: a lot. But after listening to these interviews, I don't really, because so much of the important stuff (character motivation, for example, or explanation for canon professions) stems from opinions that I find... um... incorrect? Overly simplistic? So I can't take these details as seriously -- I mean, if she says Draco married Astoria Greengrass, then that's what must have happened, but when she starts saying things like "just like in the Muggle world" re: homosexuality and "a lot of people are at 40 what they were at 11", that's when I just giggle politely.

And that's all she wrote. :P
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