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ласково подул нежный ветерок

PotterCast 131: Rowling along! AKA part 2 of The One With J.K. Rowling. one else? :P You guys must all be really busy with Christmas or, alternatively, sick to death of JKR's interviews. *employs a cut*

It'll be like walking into Hogsmeade!Collapse )

They said that JKR would be back on Pottercast in the future and you know what, I look forward to it.

I like the extra info even though some of the things she says make me facepalm -- but really, it isn't necessary to take as she says as the "final word" on everything. For a long time after DH, I felt that way, and so avoided interviews because every tidbit that contradicted my own processing of the canon made me D: a lot. But after listening to these interviews, I don't really, because so much of the important stuff (character motivation, for example, or explanation for canon professions) stems from opinions that I find... um... incorrect? Overly simplistic? So I can't take these details as seriously -- I mean, if she says Draco married Astoria Greengrass, then that's what must have happened, but when she starts saying things like "just like in the Muggle world" re: homosexuality and "a lot of people are at 40 what they were at 11", that's when I just giggle politely.

And that's all she wrote. :P
Tags: fandom:hp, meta:canon
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