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Ch 4 of Interregnum will post sometime tomorrow because I am not done with it yet and I have to stop to do other things like tonight's issue of the daily_snitch and getting ready for my best friend's birthday party, which is tonight. Sorry. ;_;

In fact, let's call Sunday Update Day, because I've had trouble getting it done by Saturday evening for the past two weeks -- for some reason, whenever I plan my writing time, I never contend with my RL friends (who for some reason seem to be labouring under the delusion that Saturday nights are an excellent time to be social >.>).

HOWEVER, I HAS A REC! The Potter Files over at merry_smutmas -- Harry/Draco, Harry/Teddy Lupin (minor), Harry/Zacharias Smith (minor), rated NC-17. Private investigator, wizard, thorn in many people's sides. Harry Potter's a jack of all trades. -- it's an AU that incorporates elements from HP canon and The Dresden Files.

I am not familiar with the latter but there was enough HP for me to sustain an interest, and while I don't usually enjoy not-a-wizard!Draco, he really charmed me here, even though I was determined not to like him. >.> The author didn't capture everything about Draco, but I think she completely nailed the parts of his character that would make him attractive to Harry (as a person, not a bed-warming implement), and there's a bonus contrast between Draco and Zacharias Smith that is bang-on with what canon tells us about these two characters and how they are and aren't alike. It plays fast and loose with HP canon but there's a really interesting HP-ish subplot that I'm actually still thinking about, hours after finishing the fic. The first-person narrative warning made me leery as it's not usually my bag, but thankfully this fic doesn't sound like the author had A Dictionary of British Slang open as she was writing, which inevitably ruins any fic for me. And I can't leave out that the male characters are, well, MALE. *\o/* There is a small supporting cast where no one's a cardboard cutout, and this fic seriously has the best goddamn treatment of post-DH Snape that I've seen anywhere in H/D. Also, there is bottom!Harry BUT IT ALL WORKS OUT IN THE END. XDDDDD

It's a long fic, too -- somewhere in the 30K range, I would say, so not a quick read, but fun. :D
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