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Approximately how many adult Care Bears would you need to skin to turn their pelts into a woman's suit?

Best way to start a new year. Ever. Here's to a cracktastic and irreverent 2008!

I have persimmons and champagne. These things are distracting me marginally from the sad fact that I have to go back to work tomorrow.

I watched Men in Black 2 today and realised that in the DH chapter where Ministry workers and the Trio flushed themselves down the toilet? Totally not original, because MIB did it first (in 2002). I thought that whole setup was so clever and signature!JKR-ish, but apparently not. Of course, it's possible that she has never seen MIB2 and came up with the idea independently -- don't you hate when that happens? You come up with an idea, and then your beta (or a commenter) is like "Hey, this is a great way to pay homage to Fic X or Movie B or Book C!" It only happened to me once that I can remember, but it was rather embarrassing, because I did come up with the idea, having no knowledge of the series the commenter said the concept was from, but. OTOH, it's impossible to be aware of every single plot device/magical invention out there, so I suppose them's the breaks.
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