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ok, what.

If you don't like something showing up on your friendslist, let me introduce you to this nifty thing at the rightmost edge of your browser window. It is called a "scroll bar" (or "scrollbar", if you prefer). Use it. Love it. It's one of your best friends when it comes to content you've got no use for, along with the little "x" in the upper corner of your tab/browser window, your back button, and, in drastic cases, your defriend button. Believe it or not, LiveJournal's purpose is not to entertain you and/or pander to your entitlement issues.

I couldn't give two shits about Heath Ledger, to be quite honest with you. But he died, and it's sad, and people want to talk about it or commemorate it. IN THEIR OWN JOURNALS. Yes, I think it's distasteful that some people are making the death all about themselves and acting like they knew Heath, some even pimping old fic from Ledger fandoms. But that's what the scrollbar is for. Bitch about people MENTIONING THE DEATH OMG all you want, but just be aware that you look like a giant asshat when you do that. Because you're telling people to shut up just because what they're saying is not what you want to hear. It's one thing to say "I think it's ridiculous that people are overidentifying with a celebrity that they never actually met". I think that can become an interesting discussion, for what it's worth.

It's quite another thing to go "STOP POSTING ABOUT HEATH LEDGER". Kinney on a stick, we've had this conversation already. Many times. Your friendslist is not your personal newsfeed. Not up to you what other people post, because guess what? They don't post for you! Cope.

ETA: And yeah, I'm looking at FIVE of you, and am way too ill to even attempt nice and reasonable. Don't make me sneeze all over you. :|
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