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teach ya how to swing

Fidel resigned, blah, blah, fishcakes. I has AI commentary!

First of all, OMG THREE DAVIDS! I hope two go home before too long. And two Jasons. D:

David H
Not bad; nothing special? He's got a good voice and a comfortable performing style, but I was neither overwhelmed nor underwhelmed.

Weak beginning, got better in the end. Gets bonus points for letting Simon call him Jacuzzi, no bonus points for insulting Simon's fashion sense. Nothing wrong with white, grey, and black. >_> And the orange suit was hideous. I never like the people who backtalk to Simon. XD

David C
Cute. And a bartender! I wonder if he bartends in the dark. I wonder why he got rid of the red fringe. I didn't really like his take on the beginning to Happy Together. He's got a tonne of energy that really came out during the chorus, but I'm sort of "meh" about him, particularly with the screamy bit at the end. We'll see. He's a little bit adorable.

Jason Y
A singing server? I wonder if they put him up after David C the bartender on purpose. XD A bit shaky, I thought, overall, not a very good performance at all; I totally agreed with Simon. Except maybe for the dependable old dog part. XDD

omk, he's channelling Axl Rose! I totally love this guy!! Great voice, great stage presence, fabulous attitude.

David A
Aw. I just want to pinch his cheeks, but then he has this phenomenal voice and delivers a totally amazing performance. I think this kid will go very far in this competition, and not just because he's cute. He's like the anti-Sanjaya!

Ok, he's wearing lipstick. He's got the whole stereotypical talk (unless that's how California boys speak before they grow up to become Dr. Dre...?). Is this boy gay or is he just comfortable? XDD Fabulous voice, and I totally disagreed with Simon about the performance -- I thought it was a great take on Elvis. I don't think he was trying to do Elvis, just as Randy said. P.S. Totally gay.

This guy could be George Michael! I'm serious. There was a point when I turned away from the screen and he did something and I was like "uh, was that George Michael?" I agree with Simon, though -- forgettable. He was *too* comfortable and I think he's done this song many times in other venues (karaoke?), and I could tell that he was expecting to get a very good response from the judges, but I think the judges could tell as well.

I am very bitter that he got picked over Kyle, because I totally wanted Kyle to make it through. So I tried to be more tolerant to compensate for my auto-dislike based on just the fact that he beat out Kyle. But he just wasn't very good, I don't think. He's sort of... toneless. It got better towards the end, but meh. Uh. If he does make it into the top 12, he's totally getting slashed with Danny, isn't he? XD Oh, what mai sayin? He's already getting slashed with Danny, isn't he? >_>

I like his voice and I think he's got some skill, but I don't think this was the song to use that particular brand of performance on. Which is really a nice way of saying what pikacharma said on IRC whilst we were watching: "the worst smooth jazz Lite FM muzak clusterfuck ever". I was mostly distracted by how pointy and faintly Draco-ish (Draco, not Tom Felton) he was, especially with the whole Skeletor look (I totally agreed with Simon on the haunted bit). Eh, take him or leave him. He's not obnoxiously overconfident, which is great, but I won't be upset if he leaves on Thursday.

Jason C
Oh, he's adorable! I thought the guitar overpowered the singing, but the singing wasn't half bad at all, very original. And, well, he just seems so guileless that it's completely won me over. I just want to put him in my pocket. :"> Seriously, lookit him! *_* Charisma, baby.

The Australian! I was pretty impressed by him tackling Bohemian Rhapsody during Hollywood Week so I was looking forward to seeing him on stage. And man, he did not disappoint with the vocals, but Jim Morrison he isn't. I wasn't a fan of the song choice -- agreeing with Simon about Bohemian Rhapsody being better than this; he overdid this one. But I'm still a fan.

Anyway, between this season and last? The boys totally brought it; looks like it's going to be a fun season, especially if the girls bring it as well. Am totally rooting for: Robbie, David A, Danny, Jason, Michael.

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