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imagine how the world could be, so very fine

No major leaders resigned today, but there was a horrendous fire downtown Toronto this morning. D:

The AI show, however, goes on.

Kristy Lee
Middling. I wasn't into the faces she was pulling at all. Super bonus points for singing as well as she did whilst ill, though. Not a great song choice, as Simon said. So much for a knockout first performance this season -- both the boys and the girls kind of started off with a hum-dee-dum rather than a bang.

Eep, well, I really liked her during the audition rounds/Hollywood week, but this was just all over the place, man. Randy and Paula are being super-nice this season, aren't they?

I was not a fan during auditions, but this was all right. She sang the same song Chikezie sang yesterday, and she did a better job than him, I thought. Wasn't spectacular, but she's pretty good.

I'm kind of rooting for her as the underdog and she was so great during auditions, but this was disappointing. Weak, I thought, and she didn't look very comfortable onstage. And she should fire her hairstylist -- what the hell was going on in the back of her head? She's definitely unique and real, but she can sing better than this.

...she was howling. HOWLING. I was sort of "take her or leave her" during auditions, but that HURT MY EARS WTF. LEAVE. now. >_<

I really, really liked her in the preliminaries. And I was SO HAPPY when she actually didn't suck, because after five poor-to-middling performances, this was like a Breathetastic™ Premium Canned Air. She started out really strong and petered out a bit towards the end (the opposite of what Randy thought, haha), but all the same, she was really nice. And so adorable!

There were some hiccups but overall it was an okay performance -- I though that the music overpowered her near the middle, but she looked comfortable and she's got a a great voice that she knows how to use. And man, Simon was CRANKY tonight!

They made her out to be kind of creepy in the pre-song clips, man. "I'm, like, obsessed with music. Like, I'm serious." Like, shut up and sing! I'm not sure I like her attitude but girl can definitely sing. A bit boring, but pretty good. Oh, Simon. Night of the Living Dead. One of the dead is named f.

I think it's a bit unnerving how she keeps smiling so big when talking about her dad's death. But I guess different people cope differently. However, I thought she sounded MUCH worse tonight than she did on the day of her audition. She also appeared to lack a sense of rhythm -- the way she was dancing kept throwing me off the singing, but I hail from the "dance to the beat" school, rather than the new improved "dance like no one's watching" school. XP Anyway, I think she can do better.

She's like a female David A! Tiny ickle girl, phenomenal voice. Such amazing confidence on stage, just unbelievable. It's tougher to do the quieter songs because you can't wow the audience with the high notes and I knew I was going to love the whole thing just a few notes in. Like Randy said, totally like a pro. And like Simon said, she totally outsang everyone. Even if Simon used the wrong tense when he said it. >.>

I was very impressed with her singing despite having lost her voice during Hollywood week. She was a bit screamy back then, but that's all gone now. She's incredibly talented and I thought it was a great song choice for her. She was just consistently good throughout this performance. And I totally typed that before the judges started talking. XP

She was my favourite going in! I didn't think she was as good as Ramiele tonight, but that'll be the cold/bronchitis, I expect. She's great, though, and still my favourite, even though I agree with Simon that the song choice wasn't the best.

My favourites so far are Brooke, Ramiele, Syesha, and Carly. I'm rooting for Amanda still, but she can't really compete with these four vocally.

Overall, I think it's going to be a boys' season this year.
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