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Garrett. Wow, that was QUICK; Ryan didn't drag it out at all. I thought it was funny that just before he got kicked off, they showed him saying "I loved it and I'm totally sure America loved it too." LOL WRONG.

Ahah, ok, Ryan totally made up for that quick and relatively painless exit by totally misleading poor Kristy. Win.

Amy. I had to go back and look at what I said yesterday because I didn't remember who the hell she was and what the hell she sang. Guess that's not very surprising, seeing as she's going home. SHE WAS THE HOWLING GIRL! I'm SO glad she's leaving. And wow, after two completely BAD performances, I wonder how she even made it this far. o.O

Interlude for Paula Abdul's new video. What's with the creepy Michael Jackson impersonation, Paula? :O Catchy song, though.

YAY AMANDA! I feel bad for Joanne, but I'm glad Amanda is still in the running. *\o/*

I was really hoping for Chikezie to go, but I can't complain about Colton. SHOULD HAVE CHOSEN KYLE, DAMN YOU JUDGES.

No real surprises there. I don't think this'll actually get interesting until the top 6 or thereabouts.

Now I am going to add more stock to my Mall of Loathing shop and then write whilst I wait for rollover. *addicted*
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