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Okay, this week I decided not to watch but just listen. I literally didn't look at the screen.

Also, my brevity, let me show you it.

Michael - Sucked.
Jason C - Okay.
Luke - Not bad.
Robbie - Sucked.
Danny - Better than last week.
David H - Awesome.
Jason Y - Eh.
Chikezie - Painful.
David C - Not great.
David A - His voice is AMAZING. But I hated his take on the song.

I thought it was funny that the two "rockers" were the most annoyingly LOL DEFENSIVE when Simon criticised them.

Nearly all of my favourites failed hardcore! Onoz. Seriously, Danny and David A seem to be the only ones who can actualy sing.

But did everyone catch Ryan admitting that Simon was his god? XDDDDD
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