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Jason -- not unexpected.

Alexandréa, though, I totally did NOT expect that. Out of the five in the back row, I was sure it would be Kristy or Amanda. I actually was sure that Amanda would be gone; she was by far the weaker of the two who were left standing. Weirddddd. I really like Amanda and I'm glad she's going through, but I don't think she deserved to, in all fairness.

And... Kady over Alaina? Another unexpected decision. Neither girl was great, but I thought Kady was worse.

Robbie -- also not unexpected. He was by far the weakest last night.

Both guys were unsurprising whereas both girls were totally unexpected. They rig this shit, don't they?

Well. Until next week, then. I still don't like anyone enough to get an up-to-date icon, so Blake it will remain!
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