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No Interregnum this week, sorry. :( I was all set to get the chapter finished up and post it today but something RL-ish came up just now. I might end up having time to finish it later tonight but it's a big "might".

In other news, if yesterday's poll can be considered representative, there's shockingly little support of SVA/RDR by fandom. Though I imagine the results skew heavily towards Team Rowling, because I think that considering all the backlash, many Team SVA/RDR proponents wouldn't fill out a poll like that at all, especially if they previewed the results before voting. So the poll shouldn't be considered representative, in all fairness.

It would be interesting to see what the results would be like if several people from both "sides" did similar polls. I think it would be interesting because RDR has claimed to speak for fandom and to represent the interests of fandom (in addition to SVA's interests). A lot of the support I have seen for SVA's side is personal rather than fannish, though. The extent of actual fandom support remains unclear.
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