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just another day for you and me in paradise

I would have preferred if they made them wear embarrassing 80s outfits instead of talking about their embarrassing moments. :D

Luke - Not great, but not bad either, a bit screechy. It's weird that Randy and Paula were surprised by the choice of song because I wasn't surprised at all.

David A - That was AWFUL. You're not Phil Collins, kid, so stop a) pretending you are and b) completely butchering a perfectly good song. Ugh.

Danny - I wish I had not been watching that. The singing was a bit strained in places but not awful. However, I wish he'd take some dancing lessons. And the diva act is back. Blargh.

David H - A few weak moments at the beginning, but so far this was the strongest vocal of the evening. And best performance, really. No inane dancing or inept piano-seat-to-stage transitions. Awesome.

Michael - Okay, the singing? Fabulous. The dancing around and trying to be all rockstar? Not so much. Needs moar protips for moving onstage. D:

David C - The guitar was too overpowering in the beginning, but the transition from verse to chorus was one of the best things I've heard in a long time, and once the tempo picked up, it was fscking great. This was rockstar. Pure love.

Jason - He is just so very great. I love this guy. He does make it sound effortless because I think to him it comes without effort, because it's just pure talent. And I just want to pinch his cheeks. *pinches his cheeks* <3! I think I need a Jason icon. :">

Chikezie - Okay, he's a GREAT performer. I don't think he's a great singer, but he looks very comfortable onstage and I have to give him props for that after such an awkward start to the evening.

I'm excited for tomorrow! 80s songs means I'll actually know them all. XD
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