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playin' in the street, gonna be a big man some day

Asia'h - The singing was far from impressive. She still can't dance. And to top it off, her outfit was extremely unfortunate.

Kady - Ugh, way to butcher the hell out of a beautiful song. That was HORRIBLE.

Amanda - Wow, that was great! I think she overdid it on the screaming in the middle a little bit, but wow, she totally brought it this time. And you know, it's so obvious that she's a complete introvert and it's a struggle for her to be up there, so massive props for not losing it and actually improving.

Carly - I actually agreed with Simon here; I thought it was a bad choice of song for her but whatever! This girl is brilliant.

Kristy - The country sound is definitely good for her, but overall I thought that sucked.

Ramiele - This song was all wrong for her. She's got an amazing powerful voice and nothing will change that, though.

Brooke - I really love her voice, but I wasn't a fan of "her version" of the song. Big shoes to fill and all that.

Syesha - I adore her. I don't think this was the most amazing performance in the world, but it was good.

Nothing as memorable as David C's and Jason's performances last night, so in my books, the girls are lagging.
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