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for once my icon is relevant

Losers bolded if you're skimming. XP

OMG BLAKE!!!!1eleventy!1 :D :D :D :D

It's not my favourite song off his album, but it was such a treat to see him again. :D And hee, Chris Sligh is in Blake's band. :DDDD

David C, David A, Jason C all staying -- they must have been the top three, and it's not surprising at all. How adorably nervous was Jason?? D'aww.

Brooke, Syesha staying -- no surprises, though I doubt they were the top two, in this case.

Kady -- oh man, that was cruel. You could tell she completely thought she was safe because the first three guys had been safe. But she absolutely deserved to go.

David H yay! Michael yay!

Luke -- totally expected. And you could tell that he would be out, because they would NOT just leave the two losers sitting there. At this point, all of my favourites.

Ramiele would have had to SERIOUSLY screw up to not make it into the top 12. She's so cute. <3 <3

Poor Carly was so nervous, and really, this girl's got nothing to worry about.

Yay Amanda! :DDD All my favourites have made it through, at this point.

Asia'h -- no surprises, again. Though I wouldn't have been surprised if it'd been Kristy, tbh. And she seems to be holding it together a lot worse over losing AI than she was over losing her father. o.O She was all "YEAH, MY DAD IS DEAD, BUT HE WOULD HAVE WANTED ME TO GO ON :D :D :D :D" Tonight she was all ;_;.

Aww, Danny. But he was the one who deserved to go based on the performance.

No surprises this week at all, in other words.

In conclusion: om nom nom chocolate cheesecake.
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