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New credits! So strange. And the new set looks vaguely like the innards of a starship. o.o

LOL Ryan telling Simon to button up his shirt. The fanservice is just blatant at this point. ALL THROUGH THE SHOW, TOO! XDDDD They were practically in each other's laps before David Cook's performance.

Syesha - was it just me or did she seem to mumble the verses? I could barely understand what she was singing. I really like her but I don't think this was her best performance.

Chikezie - ...I have no words. What the hell was that? o.O

Ramiele - I wasn't impressed. She's got an amazing voice, but this was a very boring performance, and the endnote was shaky.

Jason - D'aww, he's so adorable. I don't know if this was super wicked awesome; I'm with Randy on this one. He's certainly the opposite of forgettable, though -- even when he doesn't do so well, he's still special.

Carly - Christ, she's so gorgeous. I LOVED that performance, but I think she dropped the ball a bit on the chorus. Or I might just still be affected by LOL together that kaikias linked last night. >.> Overall, best performance of the night so far, hands down.

David C - It started out very blah, but OMG WHAT A SAVE at the end. Just. Floored. This guy rocks so hard. Amazing.

Brooke - Here's the thing. Let it Be is impossible to cover well. Her performance of it was certainly heartfelt -- and skilled, too, no question. But some songs are just too big for American Idol, and this is one of those songs.

David H - Stick to stripping, kid. >:|

Amanda - Huh. Well. Like Simon, I had trouble hearing what she was singing, but what's really impressive about Amanda this week wasn't her singing, it was her stage presence. It's like she's shedding the awkwardness of earlier weeks and it's good to see. Not the best vocal by a long shot, though.

Michael - Concerning Michael Johns, I present to you a Live AI Chat Excerpt:

[21:36] <@DarthFred> what's michael doing
[21:36] <@DarthFred> that was like... goat
[21:36] <@DarthPika> i...don't know

It got better towards the end, but jeez. I think it's so cute that Simon is obviously rooting for the Irish girl and the Australian boy. XDD

Kristy Lee - That was absolutely painful. Protip: 8 Days a Week is NOT a country song. There is a very good reason for that. Even Paula had nothing good to say. Dolly Parton on helium, indeed.

David A - Well. That was only marginally better than Kristy Lee. Not only did he forget the words more than once, the arrangement sucked, and he moved like a puppet still attached to strings. But with all the hype he's generating? I'm pretty sure he's safe this week. But if he keeps this up, he is SO not a shoo-in, I'm sorry. Blahhh.

Winners of the night were Carly and David C, hands down.

And now I'm off to attend to my poor inbox.
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