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день за днём волнуются моря

Oh, Ryannnn... why are you walking funny? XD

Jim Carrey is very silly. AI top 12 medley performances are too. The Ford video was hilarious though, as were the phone questions.

Bottom three -- Syesha, Kristy Lee, David H. No surprises whatsoever.

They're making the bottom three sing? Is that new? I gotta say that if Syesha had sung like this yesterday, she would not be in the bottom 3. Kristy's country version of Eight Days a Week was just as painful today as it was yesterday, so I just turned the sound off and watched her wiggle about, which was considerably more enjoyable. I am so shallow, omg. I could have done without David H's repeat performance, though.

So in the end, it's David H. Gotta admit they didn't make him sing AGAIN. >.> I would have preferred Kristy to go, to be honest, but this was no surprise. Next week should be interesting. And, hey, fewer Davids.

And great Kinney, Law and Order started with a scene of a dogfight and I will now be out of sorts for HOURS. *cries* It's my own fault; I should have turned it off at first glimpse. :((( Animal cruelty FTF and I don't care if it's fiction. ;_;
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