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Ramiele - she was great when she was singing the low parts, but I didn't like the screamy bits at all -- I couldn't tell from her and the backup vocals because both were kind of shrieking. And really, this year's been really bad for contestants picking songs that are just impossible to cover well unless you're Blake Lewis.

Jason - This is the first time I wasn't impressed with what he did -- I think speeding up the song was a bad idea, and I agreed with Simon about the guitar. I actually wouldn't be surprised if that sends him home tomorrow. This might be an excuse to swap out my Dread Pirate Jason icon for a David Cook one.

Syesha - You know what kills me about her? I really, REALLY like her; she seems like a great girl, very personable, funny, a bit of a goofball. And she's got a fabulous voice. But I don't think she's going to last because she lacks something. I don't know what it is but it just isn't there for her like it was for Melinda last year. Though? I thought Jordin lacked it too, and Jordin won, so what do I know? XD

Chikezie - That was really cheesy, but he really does have a fantastic voice. I don't like his attitude, though -- he's a a bit of a special snowflake and he lets it show on national TV. No sympathy. :-P

Brooke - That was um. Pretty awful. o.o I was kind of digging the beginning even despite the early fumble (hey, if David Archuleta can forget lyrics, then Brooke White can start off on the wrong note), but then she just didn't seem to know whether she should be singing, playing, or getting up and dancing.

Michael - Okay, he needs to stop trying to be David Cook. But man, that was a great performance. Go Michael! *\o/*

Carly - Weird as it might seem, that song, whenever covered? There is one line that makes or breaks it for me -- "I really need you tonight". Do it right, and I'm sold. Do it wrong, and I'll boo until the end of time. Carly nailed it, but, like Randy, I did not like the last note which I think ruined everything she'd been building up for. She's amazingly talented and I think she's pretty much got it made now. I just feel really bad seeing her look so terrified up there.

David A - His voice is, as usual, phenomenal. I was not digging the seizure-like dancing, however. David needs to just sing and stay put on a chair in the middle of the stage, or something, because the awkward trying-to-dance is obviously distracting him and preventing him from bringing the "WOW" factor every time. Because he could. He's got sell-out crowd potential with that voice of his, for srs. Fuck, forget crowds. Stadiums, man.

Kristy - Her song choice pretty much proves what I've suspected for a few weeks now: she knows full well that she lacks the talent to compete with the rest of them. So she picks God Bless America out of all the songs written/performed in 1984. Good show, but she's at this point the weakest of them by far.

David C - You know what's great about this? Everyone was totally expecting the band to pick up, for the tempo to speed up, and for David to start shouting in the usual rockstar way -- you know, what he did the last few times. Except... he did not. He kept it measured, he kept it slow, and built it gradually -- and I gotta say, this guy? Is more than a handsome young man with good vocal control; he's an artist. Fucking brilliant. Just. Hats off.

...yeah, I might have a new favourite. :"> Can has icon?
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