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One day, the AI group song at the beginning of the results show won't be horribly cheesetastic. Today wasn't that day.

I gotta say that I love the silly question/answer time with the phone lines. It's all pretty dumb but it's funny dumb. I'm waiting for someone to call in with a question for who's the top in Simon/Ryan.

Is it lame that I'm looking forward to Idol Gives Back? Even though the words "Exxon Mobile" make me feel like breaking out in hives? :\ But... Snoop Dogg! Brad Pitt! ._. Okay, yes, I am lame. >.>

Bottom three: Chikezie, Syesha, Jason. Once again, no surprises. Kristy SHOULD have been there instead of Syesha, but we all watched the show last night, right?

How cute was Jason with the whole "omg omg totally going home I'm totes ready don't get me wrong I was all prepared for this omg omg omg" and Ryan's like STFU YOU'RE SAFE. XDDDD

Bye, Chikezie. I never really liked him as much as I like Syesha or Brooke, but I wish it had been Kristy tonight.
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