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I missed Brooke's performance as I was driving home from dinner with lauriegilbert and limmenel, who's in town for the day. My associates have informed me that I didn't miss much.

David Cook -- what can I say? Here he brought his own arrangement instead of using someone else's (which he's been criticised for), and um. He still rocks. QED.

Ramiele -- fab voice, poor performance.

Jason -- I thought he was great. I'm not sure if it's because he sang well or because he's so darn cute. I am guessing this is not a good sign. :-P

Carly -- Carly is HARDCORE. I kind of agree with Simon about the clothes, though.

David A -- He is completely and unquestionably phenomenal. But I still think he needs "performing on-stage" pointers.

Kristy Lee -- Okay, that? Voice-wise? Was okay. But it was completely soulless. And Jesus, she's so irritating whenever she's not singing.

Syesha -- Meh. I liked it, didn't love it -- fully agreed with Simon. You don't touch the Whitney version of that song without being compared to Whitney. You simply don't.

Michael -- He's just getting better and better every week. :D

Also, Dolly Parton scares me. o.o
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