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но у меня есть право на последнее слово

So hd_worldcup is in full swing! One week down, five to go. These are Team Canon's entries from the first week (all are H/D, obviously):

Fic: Fool (Or, The Many Good Deeds of Draco Malfoy) (Prompt: Fool) [R; EWE; 18K] - "You haven't done one brave or noble thing in your life, Malfoy. Then you come into my house and ask me why I won't do the right thing for you? What have you ever done for anyone?"

Fic: Brother, Confessor; Lover, Redeemer (Prompt: Judgment) [R; 10K] - Harry is running from his past, but it won't leave him alone. Can a string of anonymous confessions help him confront everything and move on?

Art: The Well of Memory (Prompt: Cups) [G; image heavy] - The suit of Cups corresponds to the Water element and the color Blue. It holds the deepness, the well of memory, the record of our existence. I find they also suit Harry and Draco's canon relationship quite well. Please enjoy!

Read/ogle, comment, vote early and often. :D
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