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Becca wrote most of this post because f is hiding in Big Bang 3 :D!

Team Canon weekly round-up! <3

Fic: Darkness Is Not the Absence of Light (Prompt: Justice) [R; 13K] - Harry only wants what's fair for Narcissa Malfoy. But Narcissa has other plans, and Draco is willing to go along with just about anything to stay out of Azkaban.

Fic: Shadow Play (Prompt: The Devil) [NC-17; 5K; warnings] - Harry knows what he wants, but Draco knows what he needs.

Fic: The Magician's Gifts (Prompt: The Magician) [R; 33K; het] - Harry's crisis is only the beginning of his journey.

Art: Heads or Tails (Prompt: Coins) [PG] - Quidditch, Harry and Draco, and how they're like 'two sides of the same coin.'

Swit-swoo, go team! :D
Tags: ficathons
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