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H/D Big Bang 3: The Last Bang? pwned. I am doing the last typo check and then off the draft goes to the mods. That's three for three, baby! *\o/* Like the last one, it's cowritten (with pixies); I did most of the actual writing this time around, and I gotta say that this is pretty much my favourite thing to have written in, um, ever. OLDSCHOOL HOGWARTS-ERA H/D FOR THE MOTHERFUCKING WIN. I kind of never want to write anything else again. :D :D :D Is it June 5th yet? skldfjklsjfks

Anyway, on with the show!

David A - So he's got this amazing voice and mind-boggling range. But that? Didn't work for me. It just didn't. I have no idea why.

Carly - Man, two of my favourites and I'm not likin' em. This does not bode well for the others. I like that she's trying not to look so STERN all the time, but I agree with Simon -- she's holding herself back and it's making everything a bit strangulated.

Syesha - Didn't like that at all. It was just utterly... formless. I mean, okay, yeah, she can take awesome high notes but I was able to tune her out easily and type into this screen, which, you know. It was good, but not arresting.

Brooke - Ho-hum. Yes, girl at piano, singing in rich, deep voice, but I just. Am not feelin' it. Yeah, no special sauce. And wtf was that face she made at Simon at the end? You're not cute, ffs.

Kristy - God, she's annoying. And sucks.

David C - My thoughts going into this show were pretty much "please let David redeem himself for the horror show last week". HELLZ TO THE MOTHERFUCKIN YEAH, BABY, HE'S BACK! :D :D :D There are just not enough superlative terms in the world, seriously. Just. Yeah.

Jason - Man, I gotta ask: how do you go on after what David C just did and compete? How? Answer: That's how. It didn't top what David just did, but it was certainly way fucking up there. Huge thumbs up and one of the two only brilliant performances all night. That reggae vibe is just shining truer and truer every time he comes on stage. *\o/*
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