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hd_worldcup Team Canon weekly round-up!

Fic: Time For Later (Prompt: The Hierophant) [PG-13; 16K] - When he goes with Al to Egypt on holiday, Harry finds more than he ever expected and learns that people change, sometimes for the better.

Fic: A Dark Place in Time (Prompt: The Empress) [PG; EWE; 9K] - What on earth was her son thinking, falling for Harry Potter of all people, Narcissa wonders. But after the death of her husband, she finds him useful in many, and sometimes surprising, regards.

Fic: Ring A-Ring O'Roses (Prompt: The Tower) [NC-17; character death, EWE; 20K] - Some demons are harder to banish than others.

Art: Duplicity or Choice (Prompt: Swords) [G] - A time of change, a time to choose, to decide what to keep and what to loose. An ending in preparation for a new to begin; grab hold of balance and harmony where conflict had been.

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