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So I missed the show last night (but thanks to everyone who caught me up!) so it was mostly a matter of "zomg plz don't let David C, Carly, and Jason leave!1" tonight.

Andrew Lloyd Weber is such a dude, omfg. :DD

And wtf, First Lady? Is he keeping her locked up in a dungeon or something? The contrast between her paleness and his tan is somewhat frightening.


Now, onto the results.

WHAT THE SHIT? Based on what you guys and YouTube told me, Syesha and Carly were the strongest performances of last night, so wtf they're doing in the bottom 2, I have no idea.

I mean, with Carly, the rednecks who were voting for Kristy might've been offended by her taking the Lord's name in vain repeatedly, or something, and so all voted for Jason. Who might be a hippy, but at least he didn't say "Jesus Christ" over and over and over.

So I'm not entirely surprised that Carly's gone, but still: WHAT THE SHIT?

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