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won't move 'till you're on my payroll

David C - Hungry Like the Wolf was just okay. It was a solid performance and he's undoubtedly a rock star already, but it wasn't anything remarkable. Baba O'Reilly, now. HOT DAMN AND FUCK ME FREDDY. Goosebumps, man. Fuckin' goosebumps. This boy is going far. Even if he goes home tomorrow, he's got it MADE.

Syesha - Proud Mary was okay; I don't agree with Simon that it was a bad impersonation of Tina Turner; I thought it was a pretty good impersonation. But that was all it was. I couldn't take the second song seriously because my brain was stuck on "MY LIFE, IT'S LIKE THE CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT IN A WAY". srsly. o.O;;

Jason - I Shot the Sherriff was ummm, I don't even know. I wasn't a fan -- it felt like he was over-confident while also being incredibly uncomfortable. He should have pulled a David C and kept the original arrangement. Mr Tambourine Man was very slightly better, but ummm, that's not how you sing that song. Not like you're constipated. That sort of MISSES THE WHOLE POINT OF THE SONG. He sounded... on crack. Jason, dear? WRONG DRUG. o___O I call VFTW shenanigans; he so knows he hasn't got a chance against the two Davids, so he's going out with some epic lulz, or something.

David A - Stand By Me uhhh well at first I was like :D but then I fell asleep. He is undoubtedly the best singer in the competition. He has as good as won already, really. But he just. Bores me. Love Me Tender was a complete trainwreck. Memo to David A: don't sing about shit you've never experienced. Seriously. That SUCKED. IDK what the judges are smoking, but wtf.
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