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LJ Advisory Board Elections

legomymalfoy is my top choice for reasons I outlined here. A few people took issue with her nomination -- apparently she's on some kind of modly blacklist for HP fests because she's repeatedly failed to turn in her fanfic assignments on time. Well. Not everybody takes "fandom commitments" with dead seriousness. That doesn't mean they are neglectful and unreliable in every other aspect of life -- it just doesn't, and Jen isn't. I don't give a rat's arse if she ever takes her fest commitments seriously or not; the LJ Advisory Board is not a fic fest, and Jen does take LJ seriously; she always has.

My other two choices were vichan and rm because they both speak for fandom; if I must choose someone with no first-hand knowledge of LJ's behind-the-scenes workings or prior experience, then I'd like to have a fandomer on the board, even though I have great reservations about allowing one person to speak for all of fandom, and I also have reservations about a 100% pro-fandom candidate winning the vote. Fandom does not always speak sense. I would rather be represented by someone who, from the start, is willing to consider both sides of an issue.

Honestly, I would prefer to cast all three votes for Jen, but I'm pretty sure they'll be disqualifying anyone who does that (at least I hope so, because the candidate currently winning is an obvious troll -_-;;).

I do not support the IJ maintainer's (squeaky19) attempt to get on the LJ advisory board. He's got his own site to run, and frankly I wish he'd focus on IJ instead of trying to have a finger in every pie -- I still can't use IJ properly half the time; whenever I try to post anything I'm faced with timeouts and partially loaded pages. I'm sure he's a lovely person, but no. I want the LJ advisory board to contain people whose first priority is LJ, not a clone site that doesn't even work as well as LJ does.

The poll is here.
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