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i suppose i am a scatter-brained atheist, at that

So I went into my original short stories folder, earlier tonight, right. I keep all kinds of stuff in there, from finished stories to half-finished ones to documents that contain one word or phrase and sometimes a number of irrelevant punctuation marks (my version of a plot bunny, I suppose... e.g. one says "COMETS???" -- yeah, your guess is as good as mine; I'm sure I'll remember when I'm in the middle of a completely unrelated story and on a deadline...>.>).

And there was a story title I didn't recognise. Which gave me quite a turn because, well, I wrote the bloody things in that folder; I may not remember each one at every hour of the day, but surely I ought to remember at least the main theme of one when I look at the title. But in this case, nothing. It was like the mysterious poem I found in my Google Docs ages ago (still no idea wtf that was about). And with the poem, I could totally brush it off: I don't write poetry, so it's safe to assume I didn't write the poem. Not so with a story sitting in a folder on my computer ZOMG.

So I figured I had better stop trying frantically to remember what the story was based on just the title (since it obviously wasn't working) and I opened it, certain that I'd kick myself the minute I saw the opening line.

Well, I did kick myself but not for the reason I had expected to kick myself. It was a H/D one-shot I wrote for a challenge tarie issued way back in January. It was due February 14th or something equally long ago in the past. :S I actually finished it and COMPLETELY FORGOT ABOUT IT. Now I've re-read it and realised that I somehow managed to miss a teeny subplot that really really wanted to clear some things up for poor Harry and was very sad that I didn't let it. So I am going to rework it and post it, and it will not even be a year late. I hope. >.>

Long story short? If you have a system to organise your shit, don't fuck up the system, because it fucks your shit up.

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