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I saw this on ONTD last night and when I woke up this morning, thinking about it still made me furious. In a nutshell: Heinz pulled a commercial featuring two men kissing after 200-odd complaints about the content. Because apparently a quick peck on the lips between two men is "offensive" and "unsuitable for children". Also, Mummy and Daddy don't wish to explain why the two men are kissing.

The thing is, it's fairly obvious that the point of the ad is that if you use Heinz Deli Mayo, your creations will be indistinguishable from those prepared in authentic New York delis, so much so that even your family will mistake you for one of those dudes who work in New York delis, accent and all. It doesn't require Mummy and Daddy to explain gay people to Little Joanie unless they choose to. And if Mummy and Daddy are too dumb to work this out, damn, I wish they hadn't bred in the first place. Poor Joanie.

I e-mailed Heinz UK ( and told them that while I'm not a UK consumer, I am nevertheless going to avoid Heinz products in the future, wherever I might be in the world. Not because ZOMG BOYCOTT!!1 but because every time I see a Heinz label from now on, I will remember that they pulled a commercial that wasn't even about gay people because a handful of assholes complained.

ETA: Petition to re-instate the Heinz Deli Mayo TV ad.

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