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H/D get-together at Portus 2008

o hai, H/D peeps going to Portus.

emmagrant01 and I decided to have an unofficial get-together on Thursday.

Basically, we meet up at 4PM on Thursday, July 10th, in the Tower Lobby of the Hilton Anatole, and we'll go from there. We might check out the bar nearby (called "Gossip", fittingly, or not... XD) or we might just find us a nifty spot in/near the hotel to sit and talk.

The feast is at 6 so we're not doing food, just hanging out. We aren't planning a big to-do because the hotel is well out of the way of most major local attractions and we didn't want to cause hassles with carpooling/cab rides, etc, so the con hotel seemed like a no-brainer. Totally informal and play-it-by-ear -- if you want to bring goodies or whatever, feel free to, but it's far from expected. We want to meet you, so come out if you can. :D

Questions? Just ask. And please tell your Portus-going H/D-shipping friends!

Q: But how will I find you guys? What if there are lots of groups meeting at that time in the Tower Lobby?
A: Just look for the crazy lady with approximately ten billion jingling buttons on her lanyard. That would be me, not Emma. Or we might make a sign saying "BUTTSECKS!" and hold it up until the nice security man tells us to go away. Or, you know, a sign saying "H/D" to be all inconspicuous and ninja-like.


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