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небо надо мной

Just got back from the Toronto Pride Parade -- omg, so fabulous! :D A LOT of fandomers got together this time; it was great, and it makes me so excited for Portus and Terminus, yay!

At one point I wore William Gibson's Spook Country on my head to keep the sun off the Slytherin scarf (which turned out not to be the greatest sun-deflecting device, hence the book), but then the book attacked the people behind us (which is to say, it fell off my head), so I put it back in my bag. ;_; At least my Pride flag didn't stab anybody this year. Progress!

We've decided that next year we're marching for sure. And evilsource is going to organise it. >:)

I'll post pics of the parade later, because now I have to go and finish the next chapter of Interregnum (which might be late anyway >.>).

Happy Pride! :DDDD
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