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wouldn't do that if i were you

0001 - Wanted was awesome. There were times I could not suspend disbelief and rolled my eyes; the plot is a solid C-, but overall as a movie experience, I loved it. I was really impressed with James McAvoy's acting, so much so that I was not even a little bit annoyed when they showed him instead of Angelina. :"> I admit it -- I went in to watch Angelina Jolie be hot. So it was a very pleasant surprise that I found the characters interesting, though underexplored. And holy fuck, they did things with bullet time that have probably got the Wachowski brothers feeling really damned smug right now. I am so buying this DVD when it comes out.

0010 - Entertainment Weekly calling GoF a "new classic" amongst books makes me throw up a little in my mouth, just as much as when the H/D portion of fandom starts bleating about our "new classics". Then again, this is Entertainment Weekly; I'm not so sure many of their staffers have even heard of, e.g. For Whom the Bell Tolls.

0011 - Why are hybrid cars so damn ugly? I'd love one when Bella outlives her warranty, but jeez. Saw a Prius in traffic today; the damn thing looks like the Chevy Aztec had an abortion.

0100 - Laura, your post the other day made me want to do one, too. I so fail at oblique, though. Rats.

0101 - Seeing Hancock this weekend at the drive-in. Dude. An alcoholic, snarky superhero? Played by Will Smith? Sign me right the hell up, plzkthx. Also, Hellboy II and Dark Knight are opening soon! Awesome summer for movies (I loved Iron Man and the Hulk remake - along with Wanted, that's already two more films than I usually enjoy any given summer).
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