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[not the lightsabers you were looking for]

I have red wine and I am sitting in the Hilton Anatole's executive lounge looking down at a freeway. :D Portus is ... weird. But also awesome! Learned some very interesting things at this con; none of them academic, though. I need to friend like eighteen million people after I get back. I can't wait for Terminus. XD Taking lots of pictures, most of which won't end up anyplace public due to their highly incriminating nature. >.>

I think I have to go and meet people for dinner now, and then it's the masquerade ball and I HAVE A PIMP CANE WITH A DISCO BALL ON IT. :DDDDDDD Thank you so much to everyone for all the birthday posts and text messages and phone calls; y'all are fantastic. THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER.

Anyway! I'll be back tomorrow with a con report. ♥

Happy birthday to grrliz, shaggydogstail and Sirius Black! XD
Tags: birthday, cons:portus2008
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