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Terminus (official) Day 2

I always tell myself I'll be good and post lots of stuff during the con but there is never any time, omg. But also there is so much going on that there's no way I'm going to remember everything when I try to put together a recap post after the con. So - we ran away from everyone for an hour and I has some highlights!

H/D meetup was impressively huge and the swag to die for! It wasn't much of a *meet-up* in that people mostly seemed to stick to the groups they came with; understandable, really -- there were so many of us that it wasn't the easiest thing in the world to interact. Plus the location made for quite a few sunburned H/D shippers (plus one Snarry and one Harry/Ron shipper *g*) later in the evening. It was fun, though.

Then it was the dinner. Narrate FAILS at organising arrival dinners; they tried to get us to sit with our fake houses (it's not Slytherin, Gryffindor, etc, but four completely made-up houses that I still don't understand the point of). The point, it seems was to "meet new people". Uh, I don't want to meet new people at the goddamn dinner table, mk. I'd like to sit and eat with my friends, and then go out into the big wide con and meet people at programming and meet-ups and such. So I thought the separation by house was pretty dumb, which is why I utterly ignored my orange (GAH THE HOUSE COLOURS ARE SO UGLY) lanyard and sat with the blue people. ;D The line-ups for food were horrific, and the food just above average. This point definitely goes to HPEF this year. Terminus is way more fun than Portus was in terms of the social aspect, but Portus was definitely better organised.

After the dinner a bunch of us went to a karaoke bar north of downtown for a bachelorette party; my favourite part were the $8 pint-sized mixed drinks, but smoking in a narrow little gangway (and Kdawg trying to scale it) was also pretty awesome. And I was completely geeking out on the El when we went back. I really, really love Chicago -- it's the first time I've been to a US city and totally thought I could live here if I ever decided to move to the States.

Did the Matrix walking tour today with kriken and kerryblaze. It was so awesome, even if we did get lost near the Adams Street bridge and end up cabbing it back to the hotel. :D Got pictures of all the pertinent places, even though they weren't actually in the movie. Then my camera battery died. ;_; And I'm already forgetting so much -- there were lots of hilarious moments that I thought about putting on LJ but I can't remember right now and I don't really have a lot of time.

The H/D panel is in an hour, then the slasher meet-up, then Snarry (which I'm probably going to so I can say hi to a few people I haven't seen yet but not staying at), and then pixies gets here!!! :D

I'll try to update again tomorrow and I have not forgotten about the Russian phone post. :-P
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