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Terminus (official) Day 3

0001 - The H/D panel yesterday? I am still running away from titti and sabershadowkat because I totally heckled. This would have been okay, except I was not in the audience. >.>

0010 - The slash meet-up was fabulous and cracky -- it was at a park like the H/D meetup, but this was in the late afternoon and there were much fewer of us, so it felt more like a meetup. *\o/*

0011 - Went to the Snarry meet-up to toast anjenue. A hundred or so people with their glasses in the air -- she would have been so touched. I wish she could have been there.

0100 - cornmouse left ;_;

0101 - cmere is one of the most evil people in existence, not to mention a total bathroom dominatrix. D:

0110 - reallycorking drew Harry/Draco for me! *_______________________________* I am totally putting a scene into Interregnum based on what she drew because OMFG.

0111 - Still working on that phone post.

1000 - BRB, going to infiltrate the Harry/Ron meetup.
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