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Live and Learn

Title: Live and Learn
Author: furiosity
Fandoms: Harry Potter / The Matrix
Rating: PG
Warnings: Crossover/AU/AT/Hint of H/D slash (I couldn't resist, but it's just a passing mention)
Beta: goneril *smooches*
Summary: Neo walks through the wrong door in the Merovingian's Chateau and ends up in Scotland, right near Hogwarts. He needs to hurry back to save Morpheus and the Keymaker, but he can't help but want to find out what this strange place is and why the Matrix code is all wonky around here. Just under 2000 words.
Notes: Written for this week's icandobetter Falls Into Challenge. It does assume at least a general understanding of the Matrix films and themes that run through them. Sorry, explaining some things would break the narrative horribly.

What you must use:
- An original character or a character from another fandom (crossover time!) "falls" or is transported into your fandom of choice. There can be more than one character crossing over.

Meet Neo (from the Matrix series). Originally a programmer known as Thomas A. Anderson, Neo met Trinity and Morpheus, who told him that the world as he knew it was just a neural-interactive simulation. In reality, people are plugged into power plants on the surface of a scorched earth, providing power for the artificial intelligence society that has sprang up in humanity's wake. Neo is The One, he is the metaphorical saviour of humankind, here to bring peace and prosperity while kicking some serious butt. Neo's special ability is that he can remake the Matrix as he sees fit; he sees the code everything is made up of and he can bend it to his will. He can fly. He knows kung fu and pretty much every other martial art known to mankind. Oh my, I'm realising that Neo is such a Stu (at least while in the Matrix). He's not too bright, though, hopefully he doesn't read like a Stu here. :>

- Someone comments on the character's strange clothing/dress/hair/junk.
Neo's trench coat and ever-present sunglasses are drawing more than adoring fangirls.

- There must be a semi-plausible explanation for the crossing over.
This is an alternative timeline to the Matrix Reloaded. In Reloaded, Neo was in the Merovingian's mansion, walked through a door, and ended up "all the way up in the mountains" -- he then flew an unspecified distance to reach Morpheus and the Keymaker just as they were about to be blown up as two tractor trailers collided. The Merovingian's chateau is a strange place, and it's quite plausible that a door or another would lead a person to the Matrix equivalent of Scotland (hence Hogwarts). So in this story, Neo ends up not "all the way up in the mountains" but rather in Scotland. Since it is not known how much time Neo takes for his flight to the City, I've taken the liberty of giving him a half an hour in Hogsmeade. How the wizarding world exists within the Matrix is explained a little better in the fic, but as I said above, it does assume that the reader has knowledge of the Matrix films.

- Someone disproves/dispels a common bit of fanon for your fandom.
Draco is not a Veela in any way. Deal.

- The character(s) arrive at a different time or place than the main canon characters would be (eg, Valinor, Florean Fortescue's, etc.)
Neo arrives just outside of Hogwarts and goes to Hogsmeade because he can't get into Hogwarts.

- There are language barriers.
Muggles. Telephones. Floo networks. Veela. Heh heh.

- Someone thinks that the character is a complete nutcase and tries to escort them to the local police or local equivalent.
Madam Rosmerta is so alarmed by Neo that she sends for Dumbledore himself.

( Live and Learn )
Tags: fic:character:matrix:neo, fic:era:post-hogwarts, fic:fandom:hp, fic:fandom:matrix, fic:genre:crossover, fic:length:short, fic:pairing:harry/draco, fic:post-ootp, fic:pov:neo, fic:type:gen
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