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I am back from Dragon*Con; I had a fantastic time hanging out with kerryblaze and pixies, meeting some HP fen I haven't met before (yay!) and checking out the programming. I'll post a con report later this week. Interregnum 32 (which, if all goes well, is the penultimate chapter, i.e. only 2 more chapters to go, yikes!) will unfortunately not go up until Sunday; I hate skipping weeks, but cons will do that.

In the meantime, have an obnoxious navel-gazing meme:

I skipped three fics because the first lines in them were JKR's -- nothing like a canon remix to fuck with your numbers. :P

1. Good-byes are ugly things, but nothing is more revolting than a funeral.

2. A sunbeam slid across the duvet cover, prying Draco's eyes open.

3. Unforgivable.

4. Gellert Grindelwald's first prison letter came precisely fifty-two years after the beginning of his stay at Nurmengard.

5. The Dungbomb exploded just as Neville was about to tell Ron and Ginny about his dream.

6. I was made to flee and remember.

7. One damp November morning, King's Cross woke in the usual way.

8. "Congratulations!"

9. It wasn't about sex.

10. Ron walked into the office he and Harry shared at the Ministry, flapping his arms about in a vaguely threatening fashion.

11. The man was smiling, his mind an oasis where peace reigned like thunder.

12. Snape watched death approach with a detached curiosity, a part of his mind refusing to believe what was happening.

13. Narcissa Black was the last of three, expected to be the golden child -- a fussy baby, a flighty girl, a heart-breaker.

14. "You say you were sent to make clear the king's intentions," said Burdock Muldoon, Chief of the Wizards' Council.

15. Harry had always thought it was too good to be true, and he'd been right.

16. "Detention. Now."

17. There are faces on the ceiling of Luna's bedroom, with a golden thread looping around them.

18. It was a toucan.

19. "All right then, through the barrier," said Molly Weasley.

20. It was a dodgy Knockturn Alley storage building that started it, though it didn't look capable of starting anything except a rat infestation.

21. "Oh, fuck off."

22. Somewhere in the near future, the war was ending.

23. Years later, Draco's mother will say that it was as though he knew what the future held for him when he was born.

24. Draco Malfoy disliked Muggles.

25. Harry Potter walked into a bar.

Clearly it's all about in medias res with me, which is always deliberate; I'm not sure if it even counts as a "pattern I notice" since it's something I do on purpose, so obviously it would emerge as a pattern. Another thing is that I tend to introduce characters by their full names; I have no idea why. And if it's a pretentious first line, chances are the fic is written in present tense. :P There, I think that's all of them. I don't agonise over first lines as much as I probably should!

Also, I ought to mention that I am now officially a Bleach fangirl. Oh self. Yeah, yeah, go ahead and laugh. *updates interests list, goes off to search for icons*
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