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Bleach 325

NOOOOO IKKAKU DDDDDDDDD: I hope he wasn't killed AHH cliffhanger of doom. Why is it not next Friday yet? ;_; Yumichika's little face OMG ;_;

...Hisagi, on the other hand, is seriously amazing. "Everything has made him who he is. His wounds, his tattoos, his sword--" AND AND AND "He who does not fear his own sword is not worthy to hold it." GUH *flailgasm* I have wondered ever since Tousen's departure just what their relationship was and, well.

Back in 320, Gin said he was glad Kira was doing so well (what exactly he means by that is anyone's guess >.>); I wonder if they'll show Tousen reacting to Hisagi in some way, too. s;dkfsldjf;sj

Though I admit I saw spoiler cuts reading "Gasp" re: ch325 here and there and was really hoping that Kensei showed up in the middle of the Hisagi vs Findore fight, but alas! *continues to hold out hope, because that meeting will be EPIC*
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