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failed meme is failed

HP fanartists? You might want to check this link out. There's a site charging for access to porny HP fanart and also claiming copyright over everything they display.

drusillas_rain gave me H for that "list 5 fictional characters beginning with a letter I give you" meme, but it turned out that I only had anything of substance to say about one, so one is all I'm posting about >.>

Hinamori really fucking annoys me, and I don't understand how she was winning any top 10 spots in past character popularity polls. All she's done so far is fuck things up and cry. When she does act decisively, it's never (except once) on her own behalf or her friends'; it's always ~*~for Aizen~*~ which, what the fuck is so admirable about mindless devotion to your superior, whether "under perfect hypnosis" or not? Her one fabulous character moment was during that special chapter where she, Renji, and Kira stayed behind to help Hisagi fight the hollows Aizen sent, back when she was still in training -- she was the one who insisted on staying, and I cheered for her, but that incident, which happened ~30-39 years ago, is the only time I didn't want to strangle her on sight.

Sure, she's awesome with demon arts, but so what? All she uses them for is to create problems for everyone else; she breaks out of her holding cell after the confrontation with Kira and out of the barrier Hitsugaya created to help keep her safe while they investigated -- and both of those times she's not necessarily acting of her own volition but thanks to a combination of her slavish devotion to Aizen and whatever influence Kyōka Suigetsu still exerts over her. I'm not even certain if Kyōka Suigetsu is responsible for her Aizen obsession; she tries to get Hitsugaya to "save Aizen" while Hitsugaya's in the real world when Aizen's been in Hueco Mundo a full month -- can his zanpakutō's influence really reach that far for so long? If not, then Hinamori's just pathetic. He deceived her, betrayed her, and then tried to kill her -- and after all that, she still won't believe he's not the amazingly wonderful person she thinks him to be? The only way that can ever end well for her is if Aizen turns out to be a good guy after all, which, well, somehow I kind of don't see that happening. Her importance to the storyline so far is only as a tool to manipulate other characters' feelings, and not as a *person*, which is why she annoys me so much. Seriously. ALL SHE DOES IS WHINE. DO NOT WANT. ARGH

*valiantly resists reading spoilers for 326*
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