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Bleach 326

YAY IKKAKU IS ALIVE OMG :DDDD I'm so, so, so glad he isn't thinking about using his bankai. I mean, I would love for him to kick some ass, but, well, with so many captains watching, his bankai would be public knowledge in about a second. I also love how all the captains are so shocked Ikkaku was defeated. >.>

Hm, from what I understood, the four pillars keeping Karakura town in Soul Society are some distance apart, and whilst Kira and Yumichika had both defeated their opponents at this point, Hisagi was still fighting Findor when Ikkaku's pillar fell. When Yumichika tries to rush to Ikkaku, it's Hisagi and Kira who stop him -- does this mean Findor is now down?

Speaking of which, omfg Yumichika going to Ikkaku why is he so adorable :( I was a bit "wtf" at Kira's "address ur superiors properly h0r" (couldn't he think of something better to say at this juncture?)... though I'm kind of glad he stopped Yumichika. >.>

KOMAMURA. Does this mean we'll see his bankai in the next chapter? It would seem a little excessive, for him to have to use his bankai against a mere fracción. Then again, Ikkaku couldn't defeat Po with just his shikai, and Ikkaku's captain-level all but officially, so. *bites nails*

It's interesting that even one pillar down means the real Karakura Town will begin to return from Soul Society. If the Arrancar are smart, they'll try to knock out the supports Iba put there in favour of fighting Komamura (because come on, if he does bring out his bankai, Po's going to be dust in about 3 seconds). But so far the Espada and their minions have favoured arrogant posturing over rational thought, so I'm hoping the supports will serve while Komamura knocks out Po (lame prediction: it'll eventually be Komamura vs Baragan).

ETA: AVAST! Arrrr, etc.

ETA2: Insider interview with Kubo sheds light on (amongst other things) why the series is called Bleach. :D
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