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Responses to the character meme, part 1! d'oh, a meme that makes me workkkk. XD I'll post several parts over the next few days.

(a) three facts about them from my personal canon/fanon

Lucius Malfoy (HP)
1. The Malfoy family is ancient but historically poor; Lucius is new money -- his father won big in a dragon race near the turn of the 19th century.
2. Contrary to ridiculous Hollywood rumours, Lucius does not carry a cane of any sort. Canes are for old people.
3. Lucius hates flowers because they're useless.

Hitsugaya Tōshirō (Bleach)
1. One reason Histugaya became more suspicious of Gin during the Soul Society invasion arc was the extent of Jidanbō's injury (rather than just the fact that Gin had let the ryoka escape).
2. He actually doesn't mind people he likes calling him Hitsugaya-kun or Tōshirō, but he will never admit it.
3. He is not in love with Hinamori; he loves her like a sister.

Ginny Weasley (HP)
1. She was totally counting on Harry to kiss her after the Quidditch win in HBP.
2. Ginny actually never liked the flowery perfume Harry enjoys so much; she only used it because her mother wouldn't let her buy anything else.
3. Now that she works for the Daily Prophet, she often crosses paths with gossip columnist Romilda Vane.

Draco Malfoy (HP)
1. The helicopter story he told everyone about in first year? True.
2. Logical reasoning is an alien concept to Draco, though he can fake it when he needs to. His reasoning seeks neither truth nor purity of thought; it begins and ends with self-interest.
3. His hair is naturally fabulous. Stop doubting.

Blaise Zabini (HP)
1. Blaise pays lip service to the Death Eaters' ideals when necessary, but "pure-blood", "half-blood", and "Mudblood" are meaningless to him -- what's important is whether or not somebody has his family's blood.
2. He is fascinated by Muggle culture and customs, much like many Muggles are Japanophiles or Russophiles.
3. Blaise has a weakness for stray cats; he'd have overrun the family home with them as a child if only his mother had let him.

Switch (Matrix)
1. She and Apoc were totally doing it.
2. Switch loved amber and was a collector in her pod days. This is why she chooses yellow-lensed shades.
3. She's somewhat humourless by nature and slightly envies Cypher's natural ability for zingers. She was thus inordinately pleased to have come up with "the digital pimp, hard at work".

Trinity (Matrix)
1. It's not that she pretended to be a guy back when she was still plugged in; she just didn't correct anyone who referred to her as "he".
2. She knew she was going to her death when she took the Logos out to the machine city.
3. Her proficiency with vehicles is not just due to training programs; she played all sorts of racing/flight simulator games obsessively before she was freed -- she would have even drag-raced, but girls weren't allowed.

Dudley Dursley (HP)
1. Boxing saved him from turning into his father, and he will continue to box on an amateur level until well into his mid-thirties.
2. Dudley actually never liked his Aunt Marge and only tolerated her because she always gave him money.
3. The Teletubbies frighten him.

Sméagol/Gollum (LotR)
1. He was saving orcs' teeth in his pockets so he could make himself a necklace to go with the ring, but then filthy Baggins showed up and stole his precious.
2. After being driven out of his village, he tried to feel remorse for killing Déagol, but the Ring wouldn't allow him to truly feel it, which escalated Gollum's insanity.
3. He died before the One Ring melted, and so he died as Gollum, not as Sméagol.

Hibari Kyōya (KHR)
1. Dino actually pisses him off less than most. If you suggest this to him, however, he'll bite you to death.
2. He has an elaborate nightly ritual for cleaning his tonfa. No one is allowed to see this, because that would reveal the secret of the special compartments.
3. Hibird liked the Namimori Jr High school song, which is why Hibari didn't kill it immediately for being a spy.
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