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ice on fire and I'm turning around

Responses to the character meme, part 4. Apparently I'm in a morbid sort of mood -- I blame my hp_darkfest fic. >.> This meme is a really good way of figuring out for myself which fandoms I'm closest to, because man, the WoT and QaF people are hard, whereas the HP and Bleach people are super-easy.

(a) three facts about them from my personal canon/fanon
(Lucius, Hitsugaya, Ginny, Draco, Blaise, Switch, Trinity, Dudley, Gollum, Hibari)
(b) a reason he/she sucks
(Urahara, Egwene, Molly, Lupin, Aizen, Lindsay, Lambo, Roland, Denethor)
(c) a reason he/she is awesomecakes
(Grimmjow, Boromir, Arya, Legolas, Jaime Lannister, Daenerys, Jon Snow, Debbie Novotny, Eowyn)
(d) five things that never happened to that character

Five Things that Never Happened to Brian Kinney (QaF)
1. Sex aboard a spaceship.
2. Becoming the first gay US president.
3. Leaving Neverland.
4. Seeing Justin again.
5. His fiftieth birthday.

Five Things that Never Happened to Moiraine Damodred (WoT)
1. Revealing how she came to know the balefire weave.
2. Seeing Elaida get her just desserts.
3. Settling the thing with Thom Merrilin once and for all.
4. Seeing Lan again.
5. Making peace with Nynaeve.

Five Things that Never Happened to Renji (Bleach)
1. Finding out why Aizen had chosen him alongside Hinamori and Kira.
2. Mastering kidō.
3. Getting Urahara to answer all his questions. ;)
4. Surpassing Byakuya in combat.
5. Understanding what the hell Rukia sees in that brat Ichigo.

Five Things that Never Happened to Hermione Granger (HP)
1. Telling her parents everything about the war.
2. Understanding Quidditch.
3. Becoming a doctor, like she'd wanted before her Hogwarts letter.
4. Being held accountable for her blackmail of Rita Skeeter.
5. Learning everything there is to learn.

Five Things that Never Happened to Aviendha (WoT)
1. A quiet life in the Three-Fold Land.
2. Fighting alongside the Maidens of the Spear again.
3. Forgiving Rand for being who he is.
4. Actually becoming a Wise One.
5. Living to see her children grow up.

Five Things that Never Happened to Ben Bruckner (QaF)
1. Fully getting over Michael's initial rejection.
2. A church wedding.
3. Getting his book published.
4. Participating in the Liberty Ride again.
5. Attending Jenny Rebecca's high school graduation.

Five Things that Never Happened to Justin Taylor (QaF)
1. Forgetting Chris Hobbs.
2. Wearing pink again.
3. Getting married.
4. Attending Brian's funeral (he didn't go).
5. Loving anyone but Brian.

Five Things that Never Happened to Luna Lovegood (HP)
1. Holding a grudge against the Malfoys for her imprisonment.
2. Unravelling the Rotfang conspiracy.
3. Seeing a Crumple-Horned Snorkack.
4. Stopping believing that she'll see her mother again.
5. Caring overmuch about what other people think of her.

Five Things that Never Happened to Emmett Honeycutt (QaF)
1. Working in show business again.
2. Meeting Cher.
3. Going back to Hazelhurst.
4. Another relationship with a pro footballer.
5. Seeing Paris.

This weekend: Five people Sirius Black, Gokudera Haytao, Kuchiki Byakuya, Harry Potter, Narcissa Malfoy, and Ron Weasley never fell in love with. XD
Tags: fandom:bleach, fandom:hp, fandom:qaf(us), fandom:wot
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