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Bleach 327

Hisagi and Kira rushing to Ikkaku's side! I guess they left poor Yumichika in the dust to recover from the shinten. XD Why is everybody so mean to Yumichika. :| ETA: Going over the first page I noticed that there is something on Hisagi's shoulder that looks suspiciously like Yumichika's collar. HE CARRIED YUMICHIKA ON HIS BACK OMFG :DD

Awww, Iba taking Ikkaku to safety. He doesn't want to lose his drinking/sparring partner, bless him. <3 <3 And Ikkaku is understandably pissed off about it -- this is one scene I can't wait to see animated. :DDDD AND KOMAMURA AGREES WITH IKKAKU. :D

Wow, Komamura is seriously badass. He can stop an attack like that and then FLIP PO OVER? By himself? Holy shit. These last two chapters have made me appreciate Komamura a lot more than I used to. I mean, we've only ever seen him lose (or flee) before -- he ran away from the Kenpachi fight to help Yamamoto and Aizen had no problem stopping him atop Sōkuyoku Hill. Seeing him pwn like this is very gratifying. :>

So Komamura did bring out his bankai. Last week I said that it might be a bit much against a mere fracción, but clearly he didn't *need* to use bankai -- he'd just stopped Po even without shikai. Maybe it's a telling fact about Komamura -- his first priority (obviously, because Yamamoto ordered it) is protecting the pillar. So I think he brings out the bankai to avoid a prolonged battle that might see the "temporary" hold Iba put on the pillar damaged. He also didn't hesitate to bring out his bankai against Kenpachi, so maybe this is a reflection on Komamura's philosophy (and, by extension, the philosophy of the 7th division): crush them with all you've got; don't even give them a chance to win (but first make sure you're doing the right thing)? Or maybe he got especially pissed off about the cero Po was about to fire...

"I am the Seventh Division captain Komamura Sajin." In other words, I'M THE JUGGERNAUT, BITCH! >:D

So next week: Halibel, Stark, and Barragan vs the captains? Or back to Hueco Mundo to see how Ichigo, Byakuya, and Kenpachi are doing? AHHH THESE CHAPTERS ARE SO SHORT.

Also, there's an expanded version (I guess?) of the Kubo Tite interview (incapricious, there's stuff about Urahara XD)

Kubo is inspired by music! he's also said that every character has a theme song -- he's listed some in early chapters, but I really hope he releases them as a list somehow! Because I really want to know Urahara's theme song. SPEAKING OF URAHARA HE IS BASED ON SNUFKIN CANNOT CONTAIN FANGIRL ANY LONGER SD;KLFJ;ASKLDFJAKL;FD OMFG SNUFKIN :DDD

Rukia is a ray of light for Ichigo! Awwww. And it's really interesting that "Kuchiki" was Rukia's name first (before it was Byakuya's, since Rukia was the first Bleach character created).

Bah, didn't I recently complain that there wasn't enough "why" for Aizen... he says he isn't sure about revealing much about Aizen's past. *shakes fist* But I really like the hint at something being up Shunsui's and Unohana's sleeves!

Also, ahah, Renji lacks a "noble quality" to be a captain. I see a fic in my future:

Byakuya: Renji, you lack a noble quality in you.
Renji: ...
Byakuya: ... I could change that. >.>
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