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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Chapters 13 - 16

Chapter 13 - The Muggle-Born Registration Commission

One thing I could never figure out is why they even need a *person* for record-keeping. Don't they have all sorts of magical contraptions that can do just as well? I mean, I'm sure there's some antiquated Ministry law or whatever, but really, to get Hermione into the interrogation chamber this is one hell of a convenient coincidence.

Ha, so the Ministry lift doesn't actually have doors -- there are grilles and you can see the people inside as they descend/ascent. Good job JKR, Jossing all those Ministry-lift-sex fics! XD

I wonder if Thicknesse's views on blood traitors are his own or inspired by the Imperius curse...

"as though the Muffliato charm had been cast over the place"
Does that mean Muffliato can extend over larger areas, too? Note that he uses specifically Muffliato not "a silencing charm". I've always hated those in fanfic.

...and Harry passes a wizard who is murmuring instructions to a quill. Which, of course, WRITES DOWN WHAT HE SAID. Which, of course, means that Umbridge did NOT really need a record-keeper. I rest my case. :P

Factoid: there's apparently graffiti on the Hogwarts desks. :D

I do not understand why the scars on the back of Harry's hand tingle when he comes in contact with all things Umbridge. I mean, I get that we're supposed to remember that Umbridge was a heinous bitch to Harry back in fifth year (she seems to have recovered quite nicely after the centaur attack, though!). But what exactly is the mechanic of this prickling? Or is it just Harry being fanciful and imagining tingles where none exist?

Umbridge putting Moody's eye into her office door? Fucking creepy as all hell. Nicely done.

I don't understand why Harry thinks cute kittens are sickening. >.> WHY DO YOU HATE THE KITTENS, HARRY. :|

Aww, Harry's all growed up: he's on a WANTED UNDESIRABLE poster. I bet Ginny collects those posters and plasters her room with them. As does Cho.

Again we have a wizard commanding a quill to scribble a note. This time WITHOUT EVEN SPEAKING. Did JKR not realise, when she wrote this and the previous scene in the corridor, that she was effectively destroying the logic behind Hermione having to go down to the courtroom? Jeez.

Ah-ha, so we have a Bletchley who works at the Ministry. No doubt related to one-time Slytherin Keeper Miles Bletchley.

Meteolojinx Recanto? She wasn't even trying anymore, was she? XD

The dark passage outside the courtrooms was packed with tall, black-hooded figures
Man, I've got the Bleach bug bad. I read this and thought "oh, Menos Grande, then." *FACEPALM*

Aww, Harry follows Mary Cattermole because he hates the sight of her walking alone into the dungeon. He does the sweetest things sometimes. <3

Aha, so Diffindo is not strong enough to cut through metal. Possibly nothing is? Relashio didn't cut the chains but caused them to withdraw into the arms of the chair. Interesting.

I loved Harry's little "bit unfortunate, really!" aside about Hermione's Patronus to Mary Cattermole. I predict that'll make it into the DH film.

Loved the action through the end of this chapter -- Harry is really amazing at finding his way out of a tight spot; thinks quickly, acts even quicker. <3 <3

Chapter 14 - The Thief

Okay, I'll admit: at this point, I was ready to throw the book and go "OH NO YOU DID NOT JUST MURDER RON, YOU EVIL WOMAN D:" There was a lot of "the sidekick has to die; those are the rules!"-type speculation in the lead-up to the final two books, and while I really didn't want those people to be right, I was afraid they would be. But then it turned out okay. :D


Ron's "don't say the name because it feels like a jinx" was lame. She needed a way to keep them from being detected (since the name *is* a jinx) but couldn't figure out a more appropriate reason for them not to use the name without knowing it was cursed. Laaaaame. Obviously, they couldn't have found out (say, at the Ministry) that the name was cursed because that would mean they wouldn't get caught by the Snatchers later. So instead Ron randomly decided that now that he's Splinched himself, Voldemort's name shouldn't be used. In conclusion: lame.

I've always been curious about the mechanics of Perkins's cat-smelling tent. How is it that it has a bathroom and kitchen? Where does the water come from? Where does stuff from the toilet actually go? These are the things which keep me awake at night. >.>

transported Mrs. Cattermole by Side-Along-Apparition
OIC. Not "Side-Along-Apparated".

When Harry noted the bats, I immediately thought "hoshit, the bats are watching them!" Too much LotR.

By the way? Hermione can't cook! She's brilliant in every way and can perform complicated spells that require intense concentration and a good memory. But she can't stew up a couple of mushrooms. I bet this is intended as a character flaw.

Aww, Harry has Kreacher-angst. So adorable.

a trussed-up Father Christmas
This just in: Joanne Kathleen Rowling has a sick, sick mind. :D

I love that even during a trip through Voldemort's head into Gregorovitch's memory, Harry pauses to notice how handsome Grindelwald's face is. I know, I know, Ginny is his soulmate, blah blah blah, but really, this is too easy.

Chapter 15 - The Goblin's Revenge

Harry's list of talents now includes grave-digging and burials! I don't know why this makes me giggle, but it does. Harry Potter: Wizard. Hero. Undertaker.

I'm not sure why the trio took precautions to eliminate signs of having camped out in the forest. I mean, sure, better safe than sorry, but wasn't that taking it a little to the extreme? "Oh look, there's signs of a camping site here -- IT MUST HAVE BEEN RON, HARRY AND HERMIONE!" No way any random Muggles could possibly have camped there, right? :P

The "Ron is an asshat when hungry and wearing a Horcrux" routine was the first time in the series where I was seriously annoyed with Ron and wished he'd just STFU and cope already. For all the derision towards Draco, Ron's just as much of a mama's boy.

"Borgin and Burke were experts at Dark objects, they would've recognized a Horcrux straightaway."
So there's a clear way of recognising a Horcrux? With all those Aurors running around the Ministry, you'd think Umbridge would've got caught with it. I mean, I get that JKR needed to eliminate possible places during these tedious conversations, but Harry's opinion is not exactly the most informed in the world.

And then of course, as is the custom at least once per book, Harry actually says the right place (Hogwarts) but Ron and Hermione shoot him down! You'd think they would have learned to trust Harry's intuition in the last 6 years, but I guess not.

the merry, blond-haired boy swam tantalisingly in his memory

"It's impossible to make good food out of nothing! You can Summon it if you know where it is, you can transform it, you can increase the quantity if you've already got some--"
This made me so ridiculously happy. I've always thought this was how food-related magic operated, but to have it confirmed in canon -- in plain language from a reliable source of information about magic -- was pretty neat. :P

Accio salmon is the best way to fish, ever. I wonder if Harry had done the same with the pike they'd been eating earlier (and if he had, why Hermione made a big deal out of Harry catching it). Though I would not at all be surprised if Harry had sat there with a fishing rod, or perhaps caught the fish with his bare hands. :P

Huh, so it's possible for someone to be Confunded for extended periods of time? Poor Dawlish.

On the whole, the appearance of the goblins, Ted, Dirk Cresswell, and Dean was another one of those charming coincidences upon which a lot of the Harry Potter plot hangs. There's no particular reason for these guys to be in this specific forest at this specific time, nor is it necessary for them to be talking about things of vital importance to our eavesdropping, intrepid heroes. I was really not impressed with this part.

had certain properties only goblin-made armour possesses
Uh, note to JKR's editor: a sword is a weapon; it is not "armour".

I really like the goblins, btw. It's too bad we never see much more of them in the series. It's one of the things that frustrates me about the series: there are so many hints at an amazing world beyond what we've already seen, but they're never brought to light. Bit of a shame, really -- but I say that as a LotR fanatic. ;)

"'Please' always helps."
EEEEEEEE YAY I LOVE PHINEAS NIGELLUS SO MUCH Even when he's being a ponce and calling himself a great work of art. :D

The word "tantalisingly" was used three times in this chapter, by the by.

Dread doused Harry's jubilation; Ron was saying exactly what he had suspected and feared him to be thinking.
I know I ought to be annoyed with Ron here, but if Harry *actually* SUSPECTED and FEARED this, why the fuck didn't he force the issue earlier? Ron and Hermione's whisper sessions were clearly toxic to the general atmosphere within the trio. They're twats for having the sessions, but Harry's just as much to blame for letting it happen in front of his nose and doing nothing about it. Harry of all people should know by this point that ignoring problems doesn't make them go away.

It is perhaps a minor point to get stuck on, but this whole scene was disappointing to me (vis-a-vis the Trio characters) because all I saw was three kids who haven't grown a day beyond their first meeting 6 years ago. I mean, obviously I'm not trying to say that they haven't grown at all since their first meeting, but in this particular scene, it really felt that way, and it was disappointing -- because where else are characters supposed to demonstrate their growth most prominently but in a crisis? Ron's not quite himself because of the Horcrux, but Harry doesn't have an excuse, and neither does Hermione.

Chapter 16 - Godric's Hollow

It was like a dead body in the way it seems to draw his eyes.
Right, because Harry's been in the company of so many dead bodies in his lifetime.

Stalker!Harry appears! Only now he's stalking Ginny. But he's always so cute when he's stalkerish. :>

But then he reverts straight to self-pity and pointless guilt, so all's well with the world! :P In his desperation, Harry's even warmed up to Phineas Nigellus, bless him.

This scant news made Harry want to see Ginny so badly it felt like a stomachache

For all my woe at the Trio rift, I really liked the interplay between Harry and Hermione in this chapter. Ron's absence is painful but perhaps, hm, necessary? The Trio dynamic is very much intuition(Harry)-brains(Hermione)-emotion(Ron), and with emotion out of the equation temporarily, it kind of feels like things are going to start getting done.

The reappearance of the photo album Hagrid had given Harry all those years ago! But still, no answers as to who these alleged friends of the Potters (from whom Hagrid collected the photographs) had been, and where they are now.

I hope that the DH movie shows the scene where Harry and Hermione obtained hairs from "innocent Muggles who were Christmas shopping" because it has potential for great hilarity.

He was not even sure whether he would be able to see the cottage at all; he did not know what happened when the subjects of a Fidelius Charm died.
So the Fidelius Charm is placed upon people not places? Nice try, but then Grimmauld Place should've been just as visible as the Potter house after Sirius's death. Or can a Fidelius Charm be placed on pretty much anything? More on this later.

for a moment Harry imagined coming here with Dumbledore, of what a bond that would have been, of how much it would have meant to him
This has always annoyed me so much about Harry. DUMBLEDORE DID NOT OWE YOU ANY AMAZING BONDS, KID. He had his own issues by the bucket-load, clearly. Grargh.
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